Sunday, April 17, 2011

Should I Be Alarmed?

Just found out that this poem will be published in the Winter issue of Prism Magazine at Oregon State University. This is officially my 6th published poem.
It's also one of my personal favorites.

God bless.


Should I Be Alarmed?
- Craig Bidiman

For I find humor in the congregation.
And I admire the looks on their faces.
I stare long at their expressions,
hoping one day to feel it the same as they do.

All of the colors tease my attention span.
Look at the lights, the tiles, the ceiling fans.
I love how each building smells differently.
Like Lilacs, potpourri and freshly vacuumed pews.

It’s no mystery to me how wonderful a place
such as this can be perceived a circus.
Men and their suits, ties — women with dresses, eye-liner,
children with their boots, smiles and chemistry sets.

This is where the Lord dwells, yet I haven’t felt it
since I entered the door — should I be alarmed?
For what is this structure without its guest of honor?
An organized pile of wood — provoked and restless.