Thursday, October 4, 2012

We Are All Wolves!

We Are All Wolves

We are all wolves—selfish; intent to protect—
but with failed execution
when our vision is desensitized
by unnecessary worldly matters

We are all wolves—
you’ll take what you can get from me;
I’ll ask nothing in return—but some empathy
for the fact that I give more than I take,
and I’m on the brink of empty.

But have any of you even noticed?

We are all wolves—
and I can only feign contentedness for so long
until it turns into bitterness and pity.

We are all wolves on the brink of extinction;
we aren’t even aware it’s the end.
We ignore our fears and fuel our greed
with another picture posted and status updated—
this is not what He planned for us.

His plan for us is wonderful—to love and forgive,
regardless of creed, gender, color, and sexual orientation—
none of which matter when we love.
But we are all wolves in search of prey
to sink our sanctified teeth into.

Will you be next?

We are all wolves—
in need of a leader to show us the way,
when we’ve lost our homes and have no place to stay.
Just remember His name, remember the grace—
By it you are redeemed.

And you may not know me;
I may not be your friend, your family.
You may not even like me,
but you will respect my existence.
For I am a man who simply knows how to feel,
and a man I will forever be;
no one can take that away from me.