Thursday, August 11, 2016

[GUEST PODCAST]: Discussing Art Therapy on the Student Affairs Collective Podcast!

I chatted with Dustin Ramsdell of the Student Affairs Collective about art therapy, music, my recent Kickstarter success, and the Art of Survival!

Hey friends!

I haven't been around too much lately, been prepping lots of things at work. But I was able to sit down and chat with the man, Dustin Ramsdell, and be a guest on his Student Affairs podcast!

This is the second time that Dustin has asked me to appear on his podcast, you can check out the first time by CLICKING HERE!

The topic of this new episode, among other things, was catching up with me since my job search ended in January. Since the last we spoke, I was just beginning my job search.

The majority of the conversation focuses on my devotion to art, music, art therapy, and our new nonprofit organization, the Art of Survival, which is now into it's FIFTH MONTH of existence and we've shared 82 stories as of today! It's been an incredible learning process so far and we are excited to keep it going.

We also discussed a recent Kickstarter campaign that I launched in July in order to fund the creation of my new EP, "Farewell," which is dedicated to the memory of my father who died in October. Through MUCH fundraising efforts and exhaustion, I fully funded thanks to the support of over 150 people and over $6,000! You can check out the details of the Kickstarter by CLICKING HERE!

That's all I'm gonna say!
Make sure to check out the entire podcast by clicking HERE!

Hope you are all well!

I'll be back soon!